Northern Territory, EQI

Northern Territory, Day 13-15

Day 13, Thursday 28th: Our trip is starting to go to an end, and it feels so weird. It feels like I have been on this trip forever with all of these people, at the same time it feels like we just ...

Northern Territory, Day 10-12

Day 10, Monday 25th: Almost all the alarms went off at 03.30, waking me up. This night I didn't sleep well because of the heat. The closer we get to Darwin, the hotter it gets. It is crazy how the...

Northern Territory, Day 7-9

Day 7, Friday 22th: At 04.00 our alarm went off. Time to start a new day. Surprisingly everything went alright. I guess everyone had started to get into a routine when it comes to packing, going t...

Northern Territory, Day 4-6

Day 4, Tuesday 19th: It was so good to sleep in a bed this night. I know it was only our third night, but it was so nice to actually sleep and not being worried about the wind and the tent pegs :-...

Northern Territory, Day 1-3

Day 1, Saturday 16th: My alarm clock was set on 06.30, however, I woke up at 06.00. Made my bed and got dressed. For breakfast, I ate cereals and toast, and then I packed my toiletries. Host mom c...


18, Tromsø

Jeg er ei 17 år gammel jente som har reist til andre siden av jorda for å gå på skole. Her vil jeg skrive om hva jeg opplever det neste året. Om du har spørsmål om utveksling er det bare å ta kontakt :)